About Us


We want to help enterprises easily achieve complete security for their projects and build next-generation, security-centric solutions.

Getting security right is difficult, time-consuming, and costly, which is why protecting data and privacy is often an afterthought for many businesses. Enterprises are forced to master the latest tools, protocols, and best practices, all while staying vigilant in a constantly evolving threat landscape. As evidenced by the increasing frequency and severity of security lapses in the news, this approach isn’t working. We at SAIFE, Inc. believe that security works best when it is intuitive, effortless, and pervasive.


SAIFE’s core technology has been rigorously tested and validated by clients with the highest security requirements.

We started off in 2007 by building custom solutions for secure communications within demanding environments. Seeing the need for a complete solution for privacy and security, we started working on the SAIFE® platform in 2009. Over the years, we’ve successfully integrated SAIFE for a number of customers, all while refining and adding to the platform to make it the robust solution it is today. In 2015, we opened up our platform to all enterprises by publicly launching the SAIFE® SDK.

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