About SAIFE, Inc.


Security done well has been a difficult, time-consuming, and costly endeavor, which is why protecting data and user identities is usually put on the back burner, if considered at all. When trying to achieve complete security, enterprises and developers are forced to juggle best practices, disparate tools, difficult protocols, and awareness of a constantly evolving threat landscape. As evidenced by the increasing frequency and severity of security lapses in the news, this approach isn’t working.

We at SAIFE believe that security need not be an esoteric and disjointed experience. In fact, to achieve maximum protection, security must be both effortless and pervasive. Our mission is to enable enterprises and developers of all backgrounds to easily achieve complete security for their projects.

We hope to enable developers in any industry to create transformative, security-centric solutions. We also hope to make SAIFE the standard for protecting the world’s data, achieving security for all data forms, on any device, over any network.


Since our founding in 2007, we’ve been developing secure communications solutions for clients with the highest security requirements in the public and private sectors. Seeing the need for a complete solution for privacy and security, we started working on the SAIFE platform in 2009. After several years of development and rigorous testing at the highest levels, we publicly launched SAIFE in 2015 via a free software development kit (SDK).

Built on a global, real-time network and a unique, trust-first authentication framework, the SAIFE platform is the first to deliver complete protection for data streams, messaging, and local storage to enterprises and independent developers.