About SAIFE, Inc.


The mission of SAIFE, Inc. is to seamlessly protect and connect the world’s data. The company hopes to make the SAIFE platform the standard for securing data in transit for all devices.

That's right. We're here to make the Internet a safer place.


SAIFE, Inc. (formerly Cummings Engineering) was founded in May 2007 by Darren and Nikole Cummings to provide subject-matter expertise in the security of mobile devices. The company earned the trust of clients in the government and private sector by crafting workable security solutions.

The Secure Agile Interoperable Framework for the Enterprise (now known simply as SAIFE) has its roots in a research project of cofounder J.C. Jones. The SAIFE platform was designed to provide trusted routing for any endpoint, across any network, regardless of infrastructure. Over the years, the platform has been refined and updated to become the robust security solution it is today.

In July 2012, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) awarded the company with FIPS 140-2 validation for the SAIFE cryptographic module, in effect reinforcing SAIFE's status as a powerful security solution for the U.S. government and regulated industries.

In June 2014, the United States Navy granted the company an Authority To Operate (ATO) SAIFE on the Navy's Special Communications Requirements Division's RDT&E network, providing an opportunity to showcase SAIFE's ability to deliver highly secure and authenticated data in a wide-scale deployment.

To meet the security needs of the burgeoning Internet of Things, the company has developed the SAIFE Libraries, which include the SAIFE Endpoint Library (a C++ library that secures individual endpoints) and the SAIFE Management Library (a RESTful API that is used to manage endpoints). Now independent developers can harness the power of the SAIFE platform to secure the sensors and microcontrollers of their choosing.

SAIFE, Inc. has been awarded multiple patents (including “Secure Communication System for Mobile Devices” and “Technique for Bypassing an IP PBX”) and has several patents pending. The company continues to provide thought leadership in the realm of digital security.