SAIFE® is the Internet’s armored transport

The most secure way of sending, receiving, and storing data via the Internet

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Reduce fraud and liability

Every business faces the challenge of protecting its sensitive information, whether business-critical or proprietary or subject to regulations and legal liability. Only SAIFE completely stops outside attacks from intercepting or tampering with your critical data.

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Create next-generation solutions

SAIFE lets businesses create unique solutions that harness the speed and efficiency of the Internet without the exposure, all while remaining easy to use for both users and administrators. SAIFE unleashes endless possibilities that are only limited by your imagination.

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Let us worry about security

Security is typically an endless pursuit to stay on top of the newest threats and master the latest tools and protocols. But with SAIFE, security is built-in, proactive, and prevalent, yet abstracted. Let SAIFE work behind the scenes to keep your data protected.

Finally, a complete solution for stopping outside attacks.

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The most trusted routing

SAIFE’s trust-centric paradigm ensures the occurrence of only authenticated connections between trusted devices. Route and store your critical data without fear of interception or attack.

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Zero Internet footprint

SAIFE’s closed system of connections ensures that devices cannot be reached or meaningfully observed by external entities. Make your important devices effectively invisible to attackers.

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DDoS protection & mitigation

SAIFE’s unique approach of authentication stops distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks in their tracks. Achieve maximum uptime for your valuable network resources.


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Industry Solutions

SAIFE for Healthcare

SAIFE helps healthcare organizations protect their medical data.

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SAIFE for Finance

SAIFE keeps financial enterprises protected from constantly evolving threats.

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