SAIFE® provides trusted routing over untrusted networks.

What can SAIFE do for you?

Critical Infrastructure

What if you could use the Internet without leaving footprints or drawing unwanted attention?

What if you could secure remote access to your legacy equipment with minimal cost and disruption?

Critical Data

What if you could sidestep denial-of-service attacks?

What if nobody could get between your customers and your services?

Critical Authentication

What if you could easily share confidential information with authorized individuals, using the interfaces you already know and love?

What if you could use a single platform to secure every piece of medical equipment in your hospital?

Critical Networks

What if you could provide Internet access without the Internet vulnerability?

What if you could manage your endpoints as easily as you manage your friend requests?

Internet of Things

What if you could develop applications for the Internet of Things without making the same security mistakes as everyone else?

What if you could achieve world-class security by simply integrating a powerful platform?